Nyomon követheti és ellenőrizheti a különböző genetikák, kocák, kocasüldők és kanok teljesítményét, az állomány elhullási okait és a telepeken jelentkező különböző betegségeket, valamint a fialásokat, spermavételezéseket, a különböző műveletekkor mért hátszalonna vastagságokat, az inszeminátorai teljesítményét és a selejtezéseket. 



Shows the volume of production, the performance of the livestock and the important indicators based on the performance as well.
Graphs for different time periods - monthly, bi monthly, half-a-yearly, yearly - per farms.

piglets sucking


You are able to create and send the obligatory reports to DanAvl and Hypor with one click.
You can check your genetics, sows and boars, mortalities, the tasks of your workers, weanings, farrowings etc.
You can also follow-up your aim of breeding.


To fully setup your virtual farm with all data of all barns, silos and feed mixers.
Create farm products such as genetics, body mass tables, nutrients, product groups etc.
Record partners - suppliers and customers.
Modify and delete data. Get your statistical report.
swines loaded onto the truck


All transactions and events - also reportable ones - can be recorded here. The integrated feeding system calculates the feed consumption of the given period which wich quantity can be immediately sent to our supplier via e-mail - which will be saved and ready for re-check automatically under the Documents menu.
You can check the profitability - incomes and costs as well - by rotation with just a few click.

Ezen felül nyomon követheti a meglévő akkreditált genetikáihoz kapcsolódó tenyészcéljait, a jövőbeni almait és megnézheti a szaporodásbiológiai tervlapokat is. Végezhet költségelemzést és készíthet heti jelentéseket - WEI, visszaivarzó koca, vemhesülési százalék és termékenyítések / koca / ciklus grafikonokkal - is. Illetve itt tud tápot kiosztani és megtekintheti a meglévő ENAR kimutatásait.

antibiotikum sertés


Follow-up on the medicine - and antibiotics - consumption and the treatments has never been easier. Also order a new stock is just one click since the signature of the veteranian can be uploaded into the software.
Lekérdezések bélyegkép


Financial reports - sales and insurance reports, reports about subsidies, receivables and liabilities. Accountable financial balance.
Technical reports such as LSP-index, daily mass growth, mortalities, FCR etc.
Evaluation- , rotation-based and feeding process indicators, graphs and statistics.


For easier and quicker planning and optimizing. Five menus from each.
In addition here you can find the Experiment module as well.
What is more the daily ZMP exchange rate also presented in this module.


For store, sync and structurize documents - feed and medicine orders, financial reports, bills etc.
In addition sort, categorize and reread e-mails.

Task manager

Record tasks, jobs, to-dos with comments and deadlines.
Check-lists per users and per farms.


Human Resources

Data sheets, assignments, activity lists, working hours.
Job descriptions, variables, bonuses and premiums.
külső adatok

External data

This module stands for communicating with the different IoT solutions on the farms like meters or identifying bots.
Our APIs are useful for the bookkeeping as well - for example check and update storage with one click.